Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paint colours

As mentioned before we have a lot of potential painting projects to tackle in our new home.

What I love is that Matt actually cares (a little) about what colours we pick to paint.

On the weekend we were out doing errands and stopped to look at some paint chips.

This is when we ran once again into our problem.

Matt likes something like this


I on the other hand if we went the blue route would choose a more subdued grey tinted version like this main one or even of the pairings suggested!

So until we can happily marry our visions our basement will stay neon green....

I can't help but wonder...

how do others decorate/paint their home together? 


  1. Josh lets me pick everything and doesn't say a word. I haven't heard a complaint yet!!! In cases like that, I am very glad he doesn't seem to have a firm opinion and lets me do as I please.

  2. Darren & I would probably have the same issues with colour. He likes brighter, bolder colours as well. We haven't had the challenge of choosing paint colours yet. To be honest, I let him take the lead in decorating, though, because I'm not very into decorating, I like the idea of things being decorated but don't like the process or conceptualization of doing it. He has a great eye so I trust his style.

  3. Bring home lots of paint chips and tape them to the wall (colors look different in different light/rooms). Start eliminating ones you both don't like. Inevitably Ryan and I get down to 3 or 4 colours and we either find a middle ground from those colours OR if I'm patient long enough he comes around to the ones I like! Thankfully we usually just agree from the get go :)

    ps. we painted our bedroom wedgewood grey and love it. I was hesitant thinking a lighter colour would be better but Ryan was right, it's perfect.