Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baptism Sundays

I love baptism Sundays!

I love them because...

  • I love hearing others stories of how God impacted their lives. 
  • I love seeing people take that step of faith and make it so public that they don't just believe in God and that Jesus died to save us all, but want to live for God unashamedly. 
  • I love being reminded of when I took that step as a teenager and it challenges me to live it out each day
  • I love how the whole church is just full of love for a person they may not even know personally, and just clap and share that joy! 
This Sunday my heart was full as I got to watch some of the kids we get to work with in the kids ministry get baptized. I also loved seeing not just kids take that step, but seeing a girl that came to Christ because of a friends testimony and changed life and how God helped her out of depression and drugs and a guy who grew up in the church, but had ups and downs, but as a young adult has decided he really wants to make his faith for him and live it out. It was a special time this Sunday and I feel blessed to be a part of it! 

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