Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a room is a special place - Welcome to Hannah's room!

Finally I snapped some pictures of Hannah's room as it stands today. Here it is
View from the door

She loves playing in there (which was my goal!)

 A traditional mobile lasted I think 5 days with Hannah. Given, we left for 3 months soon after she got into her crib and when she came back she figured it was something to pull herself up on to stand and realized very soon it was not as sturdy and she needed it to be, so out when the mobile and in came  tissue paper pom poms (hung high)!

Our girl loves to read, so I wanted to give her a special comfy spot to read her books. This picture was not posed at all, I went into her room, she followed and jumped up on the pillow right away with a book! so sweet!

Fun wall!  She LOVES looking at pictures of herself and pointing at all of them. And she LOVES touching every single flower (she helped stick them all and even fixes them when they start to come off these days from the humidifier going all the time!) 

 Lots of floor space to play on!
 The all important mirrors! She is hilarious playing and looking at herself!
Change table and shelves (painting done by her amazing talented Aunt Tara). I don't know why it has now become the messy part of her room and dumping ground!

I love her room and best of all Hannah loves it! Which made painting the stripes worth it. She loves to play, she loves to go to the different sections I set up and read or look at things or play on the floor and it's awesome!

But it's not done.

Things I still need to do
- sew her curtains (roman shade style with cute bows) and hang blinds
- on the paintings on the wall I want to do something special (and hang them straight)!
- hang the rest of her pictures on her fun wall and put up the words we made (read, play and I forget the last one) Some pictures the glass cracked so we just need to fix some things first.
- clean off the change table
- recover the chair and big pillow, and make a couple more pillows for her reading lounge area!
- trim the ribbon from the pom poms
- hang her letters for her name by her mirrors (the sticky part on them were lost in the move, so I just have to figure out a way to get them up to stay so she can touch them without them falling down all the time)
- repaint her shelf that got quite destroyed in the move
- repaint her little cradle

When will this all get done? I don't know, but it works for now, and at least Ill never run out of projects that I could do!


  1. Looks great! The stripes are super cute, glad they turned out!!!

  2. I agree, looks so fun and girlie and altogether really great :)

    we have the same rug in the kids room too! we definitely have similar style!

    1. The rug was originally for our living room in the apartment, but it was much too small for our new house, so it found a perfect home in Hannah's room. How can you go wrong with such a great deal and great style and comfort in a rug?! I know a lot of people with the same one (although not any out here since we don't have an Ikea in the East!). And it's true we do have similar style, I pretty much love all things you do!