Saturday, February 11, 2012

How much is too much?

I'm all for trying to have a balanced diet.

I could never be someone that lived off of KD or pizza even in university.

But what I could live off of...


I just love it!

I love healthy kinds, plain kinds, sugary kinds (for the night time treats)...I love it all.

Currently we have 8 boxes of cereal in our cupboard (for a family made up of myself, my husband and 15 month old!).

We are a cereal family and I have realized we passed our love for it on to our daughter. Even if Hannah already had a huge breakfast of oatmeal and fruit if she sees either of us pour a bowl of cereal she can't resist it!

I try to make sure we eat other things in our day, but sometimes I just want that 4th bowl of cereal...

there are worst things to be in love with right?

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