Monday, February 6, 2012

Blog Design

Last week I decided to look into doing something more fun design wise for my blog. Catch is that I got caught up in the searching.

It is fun to see different backgrounds, headers, etc that you can apply to your blog to make it personal and fun. I love design stuff so I got right into it.

Problem was not only did I get caught in looking, my top choices wouldn't work for me and now little things like I can't figure out how to change the post title colour to at least match what I have now.

Will this design stay? Probably not. But I like the tea cups because it represents taking a break and in finding the balance in life breaks are KEY! And I love the tea or coffee breaks, so that I love. So we'll see maybe it will grow on me.

For now Ill stop trying to change it and focus on other things!

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