Wednesday, February 15, 2012

3 Reasons why to make Valentines day special for your family

Yesterday was Valentines Day. Yes, Valentines Day is just another day. And yes, we should show love to those around us every day! But I still love the idea of Valentines Day and fully believe it is one to be celebrated. It does not have to be anything huge, but just doing something little to show those around you that you love and care about them.

Here are my top 3 reasons why celebrating is good for the family

1) Makes the kids feel extra special - kids know when it is a holiday, and kids love the hype. Doing something special for them can make them realize that they are worth a lot and are super special to you. Growing up my parents did an awesome job of making us feel loved on this day. My dad always gave each of us girls a different coloured rose and my mom would give us little treats and notes in our lunches or little things special like that. Those little things meant A LOT to me and I fully believe it helped me grow up feeling secure and knowing true love!

2) It helps your kids learn how to go out of their way to do something special for others! 

(unfortunately pictures would not save the right way, so just tilt to see, sorry!) 

This year Hannah and I made some special cookies for Matt (not that she really knew it was something extra special) and a special valentine. It was fun doing something special together and it was fun to see her excited to give them over to Daddy when he got home! In the future I look forward to making it a big deal of making things for friends and family and making valetine cards to fill out!

3) Kids need to see parents showing love to each other. When they see their parents doing little things for each other to show love and can feel the love between their parents, children feel secure and the benefits of that security are endless! So do not be afraid to show your spouse how much you love them in front of your kids it benefits the whole family to feel the love! (within reason of course!)

Side note: For now quality time and words of affirmation are big love languages in our home. So spending fun together, specifically enjoying each other and those time and making a point to tell the other person how much they mean to you is a focus in how we show love. If it turns out our kids recieve love in other ways we will change how we show it for them, because it is important to know how people really feel loved! 


  1. Good job with the V-Day cookies! They look super cute and Hannah obviously had a great time decorating them! I love Valentine's Day too!

    1. Thanks! She loved it! And she really was so proud giving them to Matt. I wish I got it on film, but then I would have missed the moment so I really don't, real life was better! She made some extras for tomorrow night too! We did not remember to pick up cookie cutters and without a car we couldn't run and get some, so instead those are shaped by hand and I must same I'm pretty impressed with my imperfect hearts! It is a fun day isn't it? What do you love about it?