Friday, February 17, 2012

"Leave it to Bryan" - Prioritizing

I just finished watching an episode of a new show I'm quite enjoying watching online called "Leave it to Bryan" on hgtv

here's a link to watch it yourself sometime.

What I find so interesting is that Bryan is a trusted contractor, so people call him in to do a job they want done on their house. The catch is that although say they want their bathroom done, he looks around, takes everything into consideration, he gets their budget and they have to trust him to come up with the best plan, which means he could end up doing their basement instead and leaving the bathroom alone! So far he usually does something they didn't want but everyone always seems to realize that he did make the best choice in the end.

I wonder if my list of priorities is realistic...

The other night I made a list of all the things I want to do around our new home

  • make headboard for our bed
  • repaint nightstand and dresser for our room
  • repaint shelf and little craddle in Hannahs room
  • paint kitchen cupboards
  • get new hardware for kitchen
  • either paint all doors or replace then (inside ones like bedroom and closests to be simple white)
  • paint dining room
  • paint hallway
  • paint basement 
  • make fun chalkboard downstairs 
  • get new vanity for main floor bath
  • use main floor bath vanity to add to upstairs bathroom one and then get new countertops and new sinks to make a double sink one
  • get new light for upstairs vanity
  • fix slates on deck 
  • fix backyard gate
  • board up extra area in backyard that fence is lacking
  • create a den room out of part of storage room downstairs
  • add dishwasher to kitchen
  • get new countertops in kitchen
  • get new drapes to replace 70s ones on dining room patio doors
  • oh and the list could go on! 
So how would I prioritize now? 

Painting projects like painting furniture and chalkboard are easy things I can do as I have time. 

The headboard is happening next weekend because we have great friends that are going to help and our bedrooms were my priority to making this house feel like our home!

As for big ones the one I want to focus on this spring is getting a dishwasher in and painting the cabinets and hardware. Ill price the countertops, but that can wait, its not absolutely awful. 

Why the dishwasher? 

The dishwasher was Matt's big thing he really wanted in a house, but he didn't get it. I have also realized that as much as I do dishes every day with all the baking I do with Hannah now and the fact that I cant do huge loads without Hannah getting bored and wanting to help I feel like I can never keep up (and now I try to work during naps so those times to do housework are gone). That will just get worse as we get a larger family. Since adding a dishwasher and doing a kitchen update will add value to a house, so we probably would do it eventually, we may as well do it so we get to enjoy the benefits too! And well if we are doing something to the kitchen we may as well do a simple update to the cabinets to make it look a lot better at the same time! 

Next for the spring we will focus on the backyard stuff like fixing the deck stuff and fence, so Hannah can play safely out there and enjoy the backyard we were so excited to get! 

The vanity stuff I think I would budget to be able to do or at least start (I can do the downstairs one and just keep it to do the upstairs one later if need be) around boxing day. I have noticed that there are always great sales on vanities then! So because I'm a sale girl, I'm not buying any big ticket house stuff unless on super sale! 

The thing is that everything on my list I want to do eventually, so if Bryan came to fix something in our home I'd be okay if he picked something else first because I know he would do it well and he knows more than I would like to think I do!

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  1. We love that show too! The list of home improvements will always go on...welcome to being a home owner! It's fun to know you can have your choice when fixing something, but not so fun knowing you have to pay for it! And next week you can cross off the headboard :)