Friday, February 17, 2012


If I were to put some words to label my little girl, confident would definitely be a big one, right up there with happy and determined!

Tonight I was reminded yet again of her confidence and healthy self-esteem that she has. She was setting up her bowling set that we made. Its a little tough some of them because of how I made them so sometimes they tip over, but when she gets them to stand every single time she would lean back, smile and clap! She celebrated her job well done because she was proud of her accomplishment. It was so cute to watch!

I was also looking back this week and memories just flooded back as I finally got a lot of our old pictures loaded oh my new computer. This one I love!

I love it because there is such obvious joy in the picture! I love it because she is with her papa who she does not get to see that often. I also love it because it shows and reminds me of how she has always been a little baby confident and ready to try something new. She never showed fear swimming in a lake or pool! 

We did help instill the whole clapping and celebrating her accomplishments thing. We started that one at an early age. And I know that when kids feel comfortable and safe they are more confident to try something new because they trust their parents that it will be okay. But I can't help but wonder when does this change and will Hannah always be the super confident self-assured girl or will she struggle with worth and value like so many girls do as they get older? 

My prayer is that Hannah always knows how special she is, that she always has confidence to try new things and that she knows its okay to fail! My prayer is that she will always feel safe and secure to be real and honest around us and that she will always know how special she is not only in her parent's eyes, but also in her Saviour and Creator's eyes! 

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