Monday, February 20, 2012

Embracing children's educational "shows"

Seseme Street was actually the first children's show to ever present some educational value. From that point on a new phenomenon happened and a very good one at that!

There are a few people who can live well without any type of show watching, but for the most of us it is our down time, our way to unwind, our way to be entertained or learn about something new.

We do not have cable anymore and I like that fact, because I have always been weary of getting too sucked into tv watching. When its available and we had it I had it on all the time mostly because I hate silence, so being home alone (or with a small infant) it was my noise/company! But I didn't need to sit on my butt and watch endless shows all the time, so Im glad that now I just watch select ones online!

I have also never been one to push Hannah to like videos too much. For goodness sake she is only 15 months, so there is no need for her to watch to watch a movie or show all the time. That said there have been exceptions. Praise baby saved us sometimes in our house when Matt and I needed to focus on work for a couple minutes or Hannah was feeling cranky and sick and needed to just sit still and relax (but wouldn't let herself unless something was on to distract her) but even still it has never been a norm to put something on and she still has a pretty short attention span for watching things (she prefers being active and so do I).

That said we have a favourite in our home and it is wonderful. A short 2 minutes and 24 seconds of pure fun and learning for Hannah! Introducing the Animal Sounds Song!

In my opinion it is the best animal sounds song I have seen. Hannah dances along and smiles anytime she watches it. She has also learnt a number of her animal sounds (not solely from this since she has a lot of books with animals and we do the sounds all the time but it definitely has helped!).

If I ever need to focus to cut up meat for dinner or have a serious phone call I know I can put this on and Hannah will be more than happy! I love seeing Hannah dance, I love seeing her love music and I love seeing her learn, so really what can be wrong with watching some fun educational songs online?

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