Thursday, February 9, 2012

Step 2 completed! Bring on Step 3

This is how our room looked when we bought the house
(Matt snapped the picture at night, so as you can see it doesn't look that bad, but believe you me that green was blinding in the morning light!)

Step 1: wallpaper the accent wall (wallpaper I got on a super amazing sale of 2 double rolls originally $140 each for a custom order on sale for $6 for both since they were extra and not needed from an order before we were even looking at houses, but I knew someday I would use it!)
Thank you to Leah and Katie for helping get this up 2 nights before we moved in!

Step 2: Paint
This we completed finally this weekend! (This was also Matt's first real paint job, didn't he do a pretty good job?) So here is how the room looks now!
(again the picture doesn't really do it justice. The paint is a really nice grey/brown and the wallpaper is a beautiful steel blue colour)

Step 3: Move furniture in place and put away all those clothes finally in their right spots!

Step 4: Move back into our room and enjoy it!

Step 5: finish trimming the wallpaper edges on top, hang pictures, get bed, decorate and repaint some pieces to make it the wonderful grown-up bedroom retreat we have never had before!

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