Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Excited to clean? You better believe it!

Yesterday was a long day. Today was a long day. I am still not feeling 100%. But...what did I do with  my extra 7 minutes I had while the pasta was cooking and Matt was playing with Hannah downstairs?

I swept and mopped our floors on the main level and cleaned our toilet!


Not because we had people coming over that I needed the place to look perfect for.

Not because there was an urgent mess on the floor or in the toilet that needed to be cleaned.

Because I was so EXCITED to clean with my new products I just couldn't help myself!

Not too long ago my friend Leah became a Norwex consultant. Norwex is not well known in Nova Scotia. It is big out west, but I had heard a little about it and I was excited when she first shared about the products, but we were trying to figure out if we could afford a house at that time and its a big investment for some of the products, so I didn't get anything right away. But then we moved and we have beautiful floors, that look not so beautiful if I don't sweep and mop them all the time and let's be honest, with a kid and working part time, I don't have the time or energy to pull out the mop and bucket every other day! So I had been dreaming of the Norwex mop.

I had a party this month, and low and behold I got a free mop as a result and also some other amazing products like the toilet bowl cleaning system (hence cleaning the toilet)!

Now not only is cleaning fun (novelty will wear off soon I'm sure) and easy and fast, but also super healthy for my family and good for the environment. 

Well worth the investment/hosting the party and supporting Leah. 

And now after a long start to the week I'm relaxing with a cup of caramel coffee starring at my beautiful clean shiny floors about to watch an episode of Parenthood. 

Life is good. 

Thanks Leah!


  1. Yes! So happy you are happy! How did the mop/toilet system work and are you happy??? I really do love my mop, 3 years later! So quick and easy! I love that you got so much free stuff! And thanks for the blog shout out! I feel special!!! On a side note: do you like Parenthood? Have never watched it but heard good things about it. Might have to download some episodes!

    1. I just realized I never responded to your message on here! I was rushed when I read it and kept meaning to come back! The mop system works great, I am very happy! So easy to use which makes my life easier! I love that I got so much free stuff too! You are special!
      And for the side note I LOVE Parenthood. I love it because the family dynamic with the grown kids and parents kind of reminds me of my family of 6! I love it because it's real and deals with all kinds of real life issues. Pretty much anything you can think of they will have covered or will cover in the future I feel like. I like that it deals with a child with Aspergers because it reminds me of my days in school and the things I worked to deal with and someday would like to do again. I like seeing that in a family real life situation. And I just feel like it's really well down in how each show is put together! As a matter of fact this weeks new one is up online now so I'm going to go watch it! (definitely recommend downloading episodes now, but fair warning you will be hooked!)