Monday, January 23, 2012

"Mommy WOW I'm a big girl now!"

This weekend was our weekend to do the kids ministry for primary to grade 3s at our church. So that means Pizza church Saturday night and Sunday morning service. There doesn't tend to be a lot of babies in the nursery on Saturday nights so they started putting the babies in with the toddlers and man did my daughter love that! I think honestly she was a little put off when she went in the normal nursery the next day! It was when I picked her up from the toddler room that I really felt like I had a big girl since I had to wait for them to get Hannah's picture.

Here it is! Her first picture that she did at church, appropriately, proudly hung on our fridge!

You have to look closely to see the actual colouring...she's just getting the hang of it!

Then Sunday morning her favourite nursery worker was so kind to bring her in into our room since we still had a lot of kids at the end of the service and what did she do? went right to the table where I was with the grade ones, saw the crayons, motioned to be sat up on the chair at the table and started colouring on my sheet! And boy does she love running around and playing with those "big kids"! 

Other ways I feel like she's getting so big (way too fast) 
- She told us she was ready for bed! No lie. Friday was a different day, where she didnt go down at all for her afternoon nap and there was a crazy snowstorm that happened. We so happened to be near campus at a co-workers working on our newsletter, so at 5pm when we went to leave, we ended up getting stuck in traffic in the bad conditions trying to get home for 2 and a half hours! After awhile Hannah gave up and fell asleep for an hour. I thought that this would mean she would be way off schedule and not ready for bed until later, but when we were upstairs for some reason and I went to bring her back down, she refused, and then pointed to her door, I asked if she wanted to go to sleep, she nodded and sure enough she went right to sleep after we got her ready for bed! When did she start telling us when its bedtime?! 
- I'm fairly confident the time has come for 1 nap. The bright side is that the past 4 days she has slept in because of it, which means the earliest she has woken up as been 7:30 and latest surprising us all on Saturday at 9! So although it will take some getting used to in the day I guess its not all a bad thing. The true test will be when Matt wakes up at 6 tomorrow again, will she listen for him and wake up then too like she used to? 
- she LOVES the slide now at the park, she could go on the big one over and over and will push herself down so I need to be ready! 
- she loves to help with everything now and the favourite of this past week has been baking! I was dreaming of this day to come Im not going to lie! 

There's so much more, but really that picture hit me the most that my baby isn't such a baby anymore! 

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