Thursday, January 12, 2012

spicy mustard

spicy mustard

Not sure if this will work right from the paint site or not, but Im trying!

Im dreaming of my next big project. To be honest I'm scared of doing our basement, upstairs if we drop paint on the floors its easy to clean up, but if we drop it on our new carpets downstairs not so easy to clean up and I do not trust myself not to drop some paint or step in some or something like that! So instead of thinking ahead to that Im dreaming of our kitchen. Someday I want to do it all, I want to redo the counters (cheap style dark green in colour currently), I want to add a backsplash, etc, but until then I want to paint/stain the cabinets, paint the walls and change the hardware and voila it will be a new space!

If I paint cabinets white Im thinking I want a fun different colour on the walls to pop and add some character. Keeping in mind we have cream coloured tiles and the green counters that are staying for now. Also Im considering doing some open shelving which would show some teal and brown dishes, so...Im thinking this maybe...its different but may be able to work...Im not sold though so Ill keep thinking and dreaming! Good thing I still have time with different projects to complete before we tackle this one!

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