Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ruined or well-balanced girl?

It is a funny phenomenon how little girls and boys are born differently. Even at a young age you can see the differences in how God has designed each sex unique. It's funny how little boys just seem to know to make the car sounds and little girls want to rock and cuddle dolls. But does that mean as parents we need to stick to those stereotypes in order to raise the perfect little girl or boy?

3 confessions that I did this week that will not help my daughter be a better "young lady" someday

1) In the bath she farted and all kinds of bubbles filled the bath. I couldn't help but burst out laughing and man did she love that. So much that somehow I don't know how, but she continued to fart. She would look at us first with a little smile, fart and then laugh hysterically. I may have instilled a love for farting because I laughed!

2) I lost it and raised my voice today. Not at her, but in front of her to Matt. I've gotten her cold and it really has taken a lot out of me, after a morning of getting ready, church and getting lunch together I was done and I took it out on him. I did not set a good calm loving example.

3) While skyping with some of my family tonight, I don't know what inspired it (I swear I did not tell her to do it at all!) Hannah started biting Matt's feet. It was so random again I found myself laughing. I couldn't help it, so of course she started laughing and trying harder to get to his feet! I sure hope I have not created a biter!

So the question is. Do these non-female stereotyped behaviours that we all inevitably encourage or set examples in, mean we are ruining our daughters from being beautiful nice young women? Or is us being real and showing them the other sides helping them be more well-balanced people?

I believe in the latter. I think it's healthy for girls and boys to experience both sides.  Although we still do have to be careful of the examples we set. yes I want her to know I'm real, but I don't want her to think yelling or biting or farting all the time is okay. I want to have a well-balanced daughter. I want her to be tough and play rugby if she wants. I want her to be confident and not afraid to speak her mind. I also want her to have that loving soft side as well.

The reason I feel like she is pretty well-balanced right now is that she did some pretty cute "girl" things this week too. Like going up on the rocking chair and reading to her bear and baby and then rocking them to sleep or today after church we heard the report that she was the one that when any of the babies came in later, she went right to the door and gave them a toy to play and when any babies were upset she left what she was doing to pat them and give them a toy to make them better.

She is a sweet crazy girl and we are blessed!

I pray that I help her to become a well-balanced girl, especially how God created her to be!

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  1. Farting is natural and quite funny! Don't worry about laughing about her "natural" bodily functions! She will learn as an older child how to control those impulses, as we all do!!! Hannah will grow up to be a wonderful girl because you and Matt are wonderful parents! Even though sometimes you aren't always perfect :)