Saturday, January 14, 2012

A price tag for frustration?

This week we bought a couch. We were in desperate need of some new furniture for our new place (mainly something to sit on in the basement). I jumped at the amazing deal I found. This couch for $20 on kijiji!
Not sure if you can tell in the picture (that quality is not very good), but there are some cat scratch marks along the side (although most I think I can fix up to the point of barely noticing it). 
Still a great buy in my books! 

However, I started questioning how amazing it was when my husband and an amazing friend after getting it in the pouring rain struggled and tried for what seemed like hours (but I didnt keep track) trying to get it down our basement stairs! Part of which included staying outside the side door in the rain! These guys are amazing and gave it a valiant effort, but alas it was not going down! It was just too big. 

So Im always okay with a plan B. We could keep this one upstairs and move our slightly smaller one downstairs. No big deal. Matt and I tried to do that this afternoon. 

It was not good! 

After a lot of frustrating moments this is how we left our couch. 

One could start to wonder if our great deal was such a great deal with all the frustration it has caused. But the thing is we realized it may be impossible to get ANY couch down our stairs! And it is true the former owners only had a desk and desk chair down there. I have not enjoyed the frustrations, but I still hold true to our great deal of a couch and I still love it! We will figure something out and worst case scenerio we sell it. 


  1. Oh no! Furniture that does not fit down stairs is the worst! I hope you can maneuver it somehow! Or you might just have 3 couches upstairs!!!

    1. Have you had that problem in your place Leah? It is so frustrating, but we will try one more time and yeah maybe we just have tonnes of adult seating upstairs and just think of the amazing playroom downstairs that could mean for Hannah!