Monday, January 16, 2012

Crockpot saves the day!

Since recently going back to work part-time I have had to get used to our new realities. One of the biggest things was figuring out dinner after a day on campus! To be honest the first few times by the time we would pick up Hannah and start to head home (out of the city now), I would be so tired I just resorted to fast food. But that is neither in our budget nor something that's too healthy to start depending on so we had to get out of that habit (even if its only once a week). So, I knew I had to start thinking ahead and the best answer for a good meal after working away from home, when I knew I would be tired with limited energy and not a lot of time to spend with Hannah before bed (so I wanted to protect time even against quick 15 minute meals) = crockpot!

Here is today's meal. Actually the best part is that this is our left overs after we enjoyed our warm bowls of chili on this cold winter day! It will probably do us at least 2 more meals! Awesome!

What a wonderful creation!

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  1. Looks delicious! I want the recipe! I know what you mean about coming home after work and having no energy to make supper, so just resorting to eating out...which is not in our budget either!! The crock pot certainly is a beautiful thing.