Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a "Lord help me through the day" prayer day

we all have those days. Those days that before they even start we know they are going to be difficult = a challenge. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that as a mom you have more of those days because how your family is doing directly effects you and your day.

Yesterday, after our lovely library trip all went down hill! Hannah slept a total of 50 minutes (40 in her first nap and 10 minutes when she was loosing it for her second nap). I spent a total of probably 3 hours off and on trying to get her to be able to sleep. She was exhausted, anytime she was near me she would lay her head on me and shut her eyes, so I knew she needed sleep, but I also knew something else was going on. Thing is she had no fever, I wiped her nose twice and she sneezed a few times, so maybe a cold, maybe getting an ear ache, but no other signs, nothing else to tell me what was going on. Oh and she is teething again, but still not sleeping at all and being whiny for the rest of the 5 hours she was awake is not normal, not even teething normal! Needless to say I had lost all patience before Matt finally came home! It was a rough day. And it continued to be a not good night. Not even Tylenol would fully settle her to sleep and she woke up as soon as they Tylenol wore off!

So today, I was prepared that it was going to be difficult and unfortunately today is the day Matt is gone until 6, so basically all of Hannah's awake hours! This morning I prayed that "Lord help me through the day, please give me the patience and love that Hannah needs" prayer. I'm so glad we don't have to do it on our own. And truth is, today has been better than expected! My mom suggested maybe she had a sore throat which I don't think she has ever had before and I think she may be right, because today came the full blown cold and wiping her nose all day long, none stop, but still no fever so I don't think an ear ache (and I'd be happy to keep it that way). Thankfully God has answered my desperate prayer. Although its been tough, I was more aware of what it was that was bothering Hannah, I had the patience to deal with her as she is more easily frustrated and whiny, and think up things that she would like to do. And you know what has worked the best to keep her calm and me a chance to drink a cup of tea today?

That's right! Barney! I never thought I'd see the day I was a fan of Barney and getting my daughter to watch it, but we were listening to and singing songs on youtube and we came across a Barney one. And...she LOVES the big kids, she LOVES the singing and dancing and she LOVES Barney! And I LOVE her being happy, calm and not whiny! So God gave me Barney today and the patience that I needed. She's sleeping now and then just a few more hours before Matt's home and bedtime!

Thank you God for being there in our good times and challenging days!


  1. Oh Rach - so sorry Hannah has not been feeling well! But I am so happy she has found some joy in Barney!!! I hope Hannah can get feeling better soon and back to normal!

  2. Thanks she actually had a good nap and woke up more herself minus the constant snot running down and less energy. We got to enjoy the beautiful sun that came out and the day turned out okay!