Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You are Special reminder

I think my favourite christmas present Hannah got this year was the baby version book "You are Special" by Max Lucado. I love that book. I love the message it holds!

I read my version this morning. And I was refreshed once again that its not about what others think. Its not about being the best mom in public. Its not about being cool on campus to students. Its about realizing that our maker made us special, He made us unique and he loves us for who we are. Just as we are. 

The key is going back to those promises, going back to spending time with our creator so that that message rings true in our ears and the lies that society tells us, that we are not worthy do not stick or impact us! 

Sometimes I really struggle to find the time to spend time with God being a busy mom now back to work part time and just moving into a new house Im trying to get organized. 

Sometimes I worry about Hannah and the world she is going to grow up in and the lies that she will be told. 

The way I can help Hannah the most. The way I can be the best mom and wife is going back to spending time with MY CREATOR, MY SAVIOURand being refreshed by HIS promises that will ALWAYS be true. I do have time, I just have to make it a priority! When I am full of that joy and truth, Hannah will see it, Hannah will benefit from it and my prayer is that I can pass that on to her! So I was reminded yet again that I am special, I am worthy, but I need to go back to spending time with God every day and give him the time he deserves so I can be and live the way he desires for me to be! 

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.[a] 
Wonderful are your works; my
 soul knows it very well." 
Ps 139:14

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