Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a benefit to suburb living

Recently we bought a home and in all honesty we could only afford if we bought out of the city in the suburbs. It has been an exciting time, but also full of adjustments. Some amazing, like for me getting to enjoy a backyard finally with Hannah and a park just down the street! But there have also been difficult ones, like Matt having to get used to account for traffic and more commuting time, which means waking up pretty early in the morning so he can be home before Hannah goes to bed! There are pros and cons for sure, but one big benefit in my mind is the library here.

Do you see them? Parking spaces and there are way more to the side and front of the building! AMAZING! No more spending 10 minutes looking for a parking spot, then get out the stroller and walk the 4 blocks you need to to get to the library in the city. Now it's just park the car, take Hannah out, walk up and enjoy! The facility is also pretty great, with lots of places to play (doll house and train set that Hannah loves) and some great programs. Today we tried a reading and song time, Hannah loved it all except for having to sit down so other kids could see. That part we really need to work on! 

I'm a big fan of spending time at the library especially with my daughter so getting to park so close especially on a rainy day like today is a huge bonus! 


  1. Yay for the 'burbs! We are glad you are here! I love the Sackville library too, although have never been to the kids programs!! Soon we'll be able to go together with our kidlets!

  2. I'm so excited to get to have play dates at the library soon!

  3. oh the library - I love it so much! and the train set - always a great source of entertainment, watching the social dynamics between all the kids wanting to play, and only some of them knowing how to share. :)