Friday, January 27, 2012

The gift of patience

I have a short attention span. I get bored easily and like to be doing a lot of stuff. Being a stay at home mom, especially at the beginning when Hannah didn't do that much was an adjustment to say the least. But an adjustment that I love! Being a mom is a wonderful gift! And today I was thinking of what the gift of patience would do for my daughter.

I really have been trying very hard to not get bored and always push her to the next activity. If she is having fun, I try to keep it going that way and not turn her into my clone with a short attention span! It is a challenge. Especially if we have already read the same book 20 times! I'll admit I have tried to hide books under the couch or in boxes, but somehow she always finds the one I'm most sick of!

Today it was "The Wheels on The Bus".

Over, and over, and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again we read it!

I was honestly starting to loose my voice, but man was she having fun and I took a minute to notice the things she was taking in with each new time we read. At the beginning she just liked it for being a book, then she got into the actions  and started doing them with me, and got really good at them the more she practiced. Then she started to notice all the different dogs on almost all of the pages (and noticed when there wasn't a dog). She noticed the baby when it was sad, and then when it was happy and responded to that one time. It seriously felt like with each repeat of the book she was soaking something else in and she was loving it so much. So I sucked up how much I hated reading it over and over and over and over again because I want to give all that I can for Hannah and a little patience for her to learn and discover and enjoy reading books is well worth it in my mind.

(although I will admit, I may hide that book before going to bed tonight, just for a little awhile to have a break!)

And just because pictures are fun. Another time that I had to be patient this week and not get ready for the day as fast as I would have liked was when Hannah found daddy's slippers and wanted to wear them around. It took awhile for her to get used to walking around in such big shoes, but man was she proud when she did!


  1. I know what you mean about being tired of certain books! Sometimes at work I tell the kids "I am really tired of that book. Pick something else"...which they don't of course, because they don't really know what I'm saying! But good for you for having patience and truly seeing what joy Hannah was having! Harder than it seems most of the time!

    1. Oh Leah you would know what it feels like! I can just imagine, that times however many kids you have in your room, I'm sure some days you feel like the reading will never stop! It takes a lot of patience to do what you do everyday and every baby in your room is truly blessed to have you! The picking something else has worked a few times, but then she always goes back to the one she's stuck on, or just looks to the others and shakes her head! Someday! And someday it will be longer books with deeper plots! That will be the day!

  2. Bella's favourite book for a very long time was "We Share Everything" by Robert Munsch which is a great book except that she only liked two pages of it!

    1. oh man Matt gets so frustrated when Hannah doesn't let him read each page of a book properly. That is so funny she loved just 2 pages. What was so special about those 2?