Friday, January 20, 2012

Things that warm my heart

I was inspired by a friend who was going through a rough time, but still wants to praise God during those times to really focus on the good more and thank God for those little special moments. Yesterday overall was a pretty good day, and here are some special moments that warmed my heart.

Hannah said "thank you". (I opted not to use the classsic "ta ta" with Hannah, I decided I would use normal words and if she changes how she learns and can say them at least she knows the real word and isnt learning the easy version and then what it really means later on.) Hannah does not have a lot of clear words that she says. Definitely has her own langauge as she reads to herself or tells you some story, but she does have a few clear ones and "thank you" is in that short list. It just warms my heart when I give her something and she promptly responds with a smile and a "thank you". She is such a sweet girl!

A cup of tea in a large tea cup like this one (except mine has a fun pattern and was a special present from mom this Christmas)

in the afternoon while Hannah was sound asleep. I just love the feeling of wrapping my hands around a warm cup of tea I get to enjoy!

Hannah wanting to hold my hand during prayer. For the most part during dinner prayer Hannah fights to get her hand away and wants to just eat. Last night I didnt even reach for hand, but she was fussing about something, I opened by eyes to see her reaching out for my hand. I grabbed it, she smiled, patted it and held it through the rest of the prayer. That was special!

Getting to spend time with some amazing friends at our small group from church. We kind of got distracted a lot during the study time, but as Matt said its more than just the study, its the friends and spending time encouraging each other. Its a special thing to be a part of a group like that! It was fun and I left uplifted!

I don't think there is ever a perfect day. We all have moments we don't enjoy in the day, but we also have special moments that warm our hearts and it's these I want to take some time to treasure and thank God for more.

(I can also thank God for the difficult moments because those too hold value, but that can be for another post).


  1. I always love it when Bella asks to pray even though its about 20 different times throughout the meal. Kids are so cute!

    1. I love little kid prayers! I can just picture Bella praying! So sweet! Kids are so cute, makes up for the not so cute moments they have sometimes!

  2. I like our amazing friends too! I absolutely love our bible study nights and the wonderful people I get to hang out with. So very grateful for Nova Scotian family!