Wednesday, March 7, 2012

joy of brushing your teeth

Growing up I remember my mom putting on the timer to make sure we brushed our teeth long enough each time. I just got so bored of it and I know I wasn't the only child that didn't like brushing.

We have the opposite problem with Hannah.

Our little girl can't get enough of brushing her teeth. She sees her toothbrush (or mine now, she stole my tooth brush for some reason believing it was superior to hers so I've as a result given in and opened a new one) and immediately wants to brush her teeth.

Many nights we have to tear her toothbrush from her hands after an incredibly long time of brushing.

At least on Sundays I know I can happily set her up on the counter beside me with her toothbrush and while she brushes I can put in my contacts, do my make up and brush my own teeth!

We may have a little future dentist or dental hygienist on our hands!

I just hope this love for taking care of her teeth continues!


  1. I wish Sebby liked it! He screams bloody murder.

    1. Sounds like you may have to be creative to get him to brush his teeth like my mom was! Its so funny the different things kids love or hate! Now if only Hannah would go back to loving her vegetables!