Saturday, March 24, 2012

Travelling alone with a toddler

As mentioned earlier I got to travel home to see my sister have her baby! It was an amazing boxing week sale with the airline we just couldn't resist so the plans were formed for Hannah and I to travel alone while Matt stayed home to work hard!

I was a little apprehensive I guess, of what the travel day would hold, but knew it would be okay and knew to be as prepared as I could! Thankfully I was feeling myself again because if we had been booked to travel a week earlier there is NO WAY I could of done it!

Lessons learnt? 

- Always have snacks easily accessible
- Always have different activities easily accessible to entertain
- Do not book a flight right at a toddlers nap time, if she is anything like my active curious girl she will not sleep and overtired = end of the world if something doesn't go her way!
- It is better to have a lay over where you get off the plane than be stuck on a plane while you wait for them to clean and prepare for people boarding at stop over! (It just extends your time stuck in your seat and being able to get out and stretch has its advantages!)
- Have fun and make it an adventure! It doesn't have to be that scary
- And don't forget to ask your toddler to help you carry the bags!

I am so glad we made the trip. It has been more than worth it so far! I would much rather take a chance and shoot for the best than stop myself from doing fun things because of fear of what could be or the unknown!


  1. Wow, she was just trucking!! I'm surprised she didn't run into more things/people! She's a good helper. Glad you arrived safely!

  2. Great reading about your experience. I am flying back to Canada alone with Sebby in June while Darren goes on project to the Middle East. I'm a bit nervous as it is quite a long day of travel and I have no idea how I can keep him still for so long. Thankfully we have a few hour stopover in Iceland so I he will have some time there to expend energy.