Friday, March 23, 2012

A special kind of joy!

Today last night I got to meet my new little niece!

My sister had her first little girl. What a special gift for her to wait an extra 10 days over her due date so I could actually be there and meet little Elise just after she came into this world!

Introducing Elise Esther Robison
Isn't she beautiful? 
(and Nana looking proud?)

And how special it was to get to watch my little girl meet my sister's baby girl.

She loved her! 

I can't wait for the joys, the years to come will bring, in our family all together!

Thank you God for a safe delivery of a beautiful girl born into a wonderful family of amazing loving parents!


  1. oh wow!!! such precious moments. My sister and her husband aren't going to be trying for kids for a while still and I so wish Lily would have cousins close in age. Hannah will be a great cousin!

  2. So sweet, Rachel! What a joy that will be for you, your sister and for the kiddos. Glad you got to meet her AND I adore the name, Elise. :)

  3. Hooray! Glad you could be there!