Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pekoe returns!

3 weeks ago tomorrow our (indoor) cat went missing.

At first we were denial I think. I had just had the miscarriage and we did not want to think of another loss, so we just hoped he would be back soon.


a day turned into another, and then another and another and a week turned into 2 and we started to realize the chance that we lost our cat forever could be very real!

However, tonight coming home from small group we drove up and opened our car doors to the sound of a familiar meow!

Could it really be our cat after so long (we of course again forgot to have our light on so we couldn't see him at first)?

It was! We still can't believe it!

The reunion! 

I don't know who is more excited! Ill have to post a video I snapped later showing Hannah and Pekoe together again at last!

He is so skinny, but so happy!

Oh the adventures he has been on! If only he could tell us it all!

Welcome home Pekoe! You shocked us all!

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