Thursday, July 12, 2012

Toddler directed - parents stunted, potty training

Remember this?

Since a newborn Hannah has proven to be a determined little girl. Always trying to learn something new and do more. 

I did not intend on really potty training until she was closer to 2, but at just before 18 months she was taking great interest in the potty, so I decided why not get her a seat and let her get used to sitting on it. My thought was that I may as well get her to want to learn how to use the potty so when she really was ready to go on the toilet it would be something she enjoyed or at least was comfortable with. Before bed and in the morning we would get her to sit on it if she wanted to and that was it. 

But then she did it! She started actually using the toilet! 

Since that first time she has probably peed on the toilet almost 10 times more and get this - she's pooped twice! 

The first time she told me she had to poo she was actually in the process of pooing, so only half made it in the toilet. Today however she said "poo" I asked her if she was going poo, she said "no". I asked if she wanted to try to go on the toilet she said, "yes". So off we rushed. 

She then proceeded to pee and then do a big poo in the toilet! 

She could not be prouder of herself and we are quite impressed too! 

The thing is that since she started using the toilet we have not been consistent at all! We have been travelling the whole time, so it has often meant late nights out and rushing to bed = skipping potty time, or just basically us as parents not thinking about it. I just wonder if with us in our unintention and inconsistency Hannah has done so well and totally gets the idea of using the potty, how would it be if we had been better at it? Would she be fully potty trained by now? 

Not sure. 

But what I do know is that once we get home I vow to be a better help to Hannah in this potty training experience! 


  1. So when you say potty seat, do you mean the mini one that just sits on your regular toilet seat or an actual toddler potty? I'm thinking of trying to get Eli started as he is coming up to 18 months. May not work, but I think he will love sitting on the potty anyway as he loves trying to sit on our chairs all the time and it may bree a head start!

    1. We opted to get the cushioned seat/mini one that goes on a regular potty. I know a lot of people use the little seperate potty for training, but in talking to a few people I liked the idea of getting her used to going on the potty so if we were out she could still do it and we wouldn't have to train her again (course it would be a lot easier) when she was big enough to use the big one. The one we got has handles, I didn't pick it for that, but she actually loves sitting up there like a big girl holding on to her little handles all secure and proud. We keep it to the side of the toilet. It does come with a handle to hang, but its kind of ackward to get it on and off so we just lean it against the wall. Hannah is the one that loves to go ahead into the bathroom and grab it to put it on the toilet seat. At the start even before she had peed or anything she just loved going on there, if we forgot at home to go she would go in and get it ready herself!

    2. I say if you don't mind doing it, there is no harm in trying and if he does enjoy sitting on the potty even if it takes awhile to learn how to control peeing and pooping you are definitely ahead of the game in my mind! Let me know how it goes!