Friday, July 6, 2012

Counting the good instead of just the bad

Here is the thing. For some reason, for most of us the bad things seem to count more than the good things in our days. You may have had 3 things go wrong in a day, maybe even 10, and it feels like the worst day ever. Thing is, you may  have also had 27 good things happen in the day, but those you glaze over, take for granted and do not give them the value they deserve.

I have been caught in that too many times.

So in recognizing once again how easy it is to count the bad instead of all the good as well, my goal is to count the good. Not only count the good, but appreciate it more.

Today I am blessed to have....

  1. a beautiful sunny morning to enjoy with Hannah outside (even though the weather called for showers all day)
  2. a safe place for us to stay while we are in Florida that really does feel like a home away from home
  3. wonderful staff here at our hotel that simply adore Hannah 
  4. Hannah did so many adorable little things 
  5. hugs and kisses from Hannah
  6. a wonderful husband 
  7. a chance to go out this evening and have some fun family time
  8. a chance to talk to my family over skype
  9. a chance to get a lot of reading done for work
  10. an awesome deal - a whole adorable outfit for Hannah on clearance for $2.99
And the list could just go on! 

Sure there were some not so bright things that happened today, but all in all today has been a good day and that I count as wonderful! 

Does that not just warm your heart? Hannahs second cousin, Ethan holding Hannahs hand as he shows her around the zoo! 

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