Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goodbye apartment!

I know it's confusing since we moved into our house in December, but today I finally said goodbye for our apartment.

Why the delay? All due to a fine print in our lease, although stating we were "month to month" it didn't become active for a year which meant we were stuck with it until April at least....

Unless, we had chosen to give up our deposit and the property find a sublet.

Give up $350? I could never do that!

Yes, it was annoying to have to find a sublettor and be a "landlord" during this time.

Yes, it took time during a busy time to make it all happen.

Yes, giving up the deposit, money, we had not seen or needed for over 2 years, would have been the easy thing.

But, you have to weigh out the value of it all and what works for you. For us thinking of the long term and dreaming of this day when we could finally hand in the keys and get that cheque was motivation.

Knowing we could eventually use that money to do the improvements on the  house we wanted was great motivation!

And now it's done!

Sad, in a small way. Hannah's first home is finally fully gone, but exciting too to be free of it!

Bring on the future and our home improvements!

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