Friday, July 27, 2012

Our Orlando Home Tour

This one is a long time in the making. Since we forgot/have misplaced my memory stick for my camera, we used Matts camera for pictures. Which meant that while Matt was gone all day and I thought to take pictures of our place I couldn't and then I always always forgot to take pictures when he got home we had dinner and did fun stuff before getting down to lots of work!

Then the day came that I was packing up to leave our place and I realized I still had not taken pictures, but Matt was gone....

But then I remembered I could take pictures on our video camera!

And I just remembered today when I shot a video I had them on there...

So here was our little home for the month.

 Entrance right when you walk in- perfect spot for the stroller and great recliner to relax in!

 living room area (recliner to the left) - that table was our everything table from crafts to eating (as you can see Hannahs last snack there) - it was perfect. 

 TV area - under the stand became Hannahs toy storage which worked great and the stand beside we pulled from the closet to put our clothes in. 


 Hannah's "bedroom". Yes it's the closet, but it worked perfect. It was dark for sleep, off from the main living area keep noise down for her and us able to live life normal! 

 I did not get a good shot, but past Hannahs room was the bathroom, basic and hard to take a picture of, but it worked just fine!

What I realized in living in our little studio space for that time is that you really don't need that much space to function well as a family. It's all about layout and figuring out how to make it work.

(We stayed in an Extended Stay Hotel. One I had never heard of before, but was beyond excellent in our experience. The staff were amazing and Hannah made more than a few great friends!)

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  1. Love Hannah's little tent in her closet room! Your suite looks lovely and a nice place to stay for an extended period of time! But I'm sure you're glad to be home now!