Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oh Glorious Sun!

Below is a post I forgot to publish from a few weeks ago. With preparing to leave tomorrow I was having flash backs to these days of rain and no sun, with fear that Hannah may not make it in the pool again, but here it is...

The sun has come out again!

(The old post)

Just let me first say that I actually do like rainy days. I like the different type of day they bring with  more reading and colouring than usually. I love looking out at the rain watching it pour down and I love jumping in the puddles. And let's be honest we all know the importance of rain for those beautiful trees and flowers and plants to grow flourish!


I do not love rain 5 days in a row resulting in us being stuck in side most of the time in a hotel suite! Due to Tropical storm Debby I have realized that I would not enjoy living somewhere where it rains all the time. No where that rains more than Halifax, that's my max.

By day 3 Hannah was also getting sick and tired of being stuck outside. At breakfast (the breakfast room looks out at the pool) she would stare longingly at the pool and just keep saying "oh rain...oh rain..."

Clearly she wanted to swim since one time while I was doing the dishes she got into our stash of some swim diapers and to put it on!

(sorry the blog is turning my pictures again and I can not turn them back!)

(earrings from stickers...totally Hannah's idea!)

We did manage to have some creative fun indoors from, taking her baby for a tour around the hotel in her baby carrier, play dough, crafts, races in the halls (I don't think we bothered anyone...), going up and down and up and down the stairs, to becoming beautiful with turning stickers into earrings (Hannah's idea!).


Today is clear blue skies, sun and a day we are loving so far as we swim and play outside as much as possible (except for naps and meals).

I must say I love God's creation. I love seeing different parts of it here in Florida. I do love the rain (in smaller amounts), but most of all today I love the sun! The sun just has a way of uplifting people's spirits and helping us see the bright side of life!

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  1. Totally off the topic of rainy days...but you used to be able to buy pages of stickers that were 'stick on earrings'...I remember hours of fun with those as a kid...before I got my ears pierced, of course! Glad to see that Hannah is having fun with that as well! Can't wait for you guys to get home in a few days - safe driving!