Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The High Low Project

I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we have had cable here in Orlando. Simply so I can watch HGTV again. It is the perfect way to unwind after a long day and just let your mind get creative without exerting any energy!

My new favourite show - The High Low Project.

High Dining Room: $27 000

Low Dining Room: $3 500

Can you spot the differences?!

That's over $23 000 saved for a just as beautiful dining room as the expensive one! Amazing! 

I totally go for the old saying "save a penny, earn a penny". You can easily get expensive things or with a little searching, a little creativity and determination you can save/earn a lot of money on anything you do! 

Every time I watched this show my mind would just get going on how I could save even more - so fun! 

It makes me even more excited to go home and finish our kitchen and basement and get started on our other to do list projects! 

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