Friday, July 6, 2012

No Fear?

I do not know anyone in this world that honestly has no fears. We are all afraid of something. 


One of the goals I had in raising my kids is helping them be excited by Gods creation instead of fearful of things - especially different animals (not to say that if you are afraid of a certain animal you do not appreciate Gods creation). 

I would never force my children to touch an animal they were scared of or do anything they were scared to do, but from introducing them to all kinds of animals from a young age, having an animal ourselves at home and being excited to learn about new animals (like spiders and bugs) could help them to see the wonder of creation, while still teaching them what is safe and what is not. 

Honestly, there have been days that going for a walk we see some flowers on the side of the road, stop to smell every single one, and then notice a bug and sit there for a very long time learning all about them! 

Hannahs latest love is definitely the geckos down here. Going down to the pool area (where you can often find them) Hannah will just start calling out "Gakco! Gakco!" She searches, she finds some, she crouches down to see them, says hi, waves at them and then says bye and blows them a tonne of kisses goodbye! It is so cute!

At the petting zoo at the Bravard Zoo in Florida

The hello...

The learning - just look at that tounge!

Becoming friends!

Hannah does have some animals she is more hesitant of and that is okay. I also know that all kids are different, so the same strategy may not work at all for our next child. That said I still hold to exposure early on is a good thing. 

What have you done to help your kids understand and be excited about things instead of afraid or what did your parents do to help you growing up?

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