Thursday, June 28, 2012

"The unhurried woman"

Yesterday on the Christian radio station here (that I love!) there was a little part by Proverbs 31 ministry that really cut me to the heart.

To be honest by nature, I am an on the go, having multiple things going at once type of person. I do not like to waste time...actually I detest it!

But I treasure quality valuable time.

taking the time to love and enjoy 
Hannah's cousin Elise when she was born

In this little message the woman shared about how the unhurried woman's kids have the benefit of understanding things more. She takes the time to tell them where they are going and why they are going, instead of just yelling "get in the car" and rushing to get going.

The unhurried woman, has the time to talk to a store clerk and potentially make their day!

I LOVE that idea and that is who I want to be.

I want to make the day of people I come in contact with.

I want my children to understand things, have the chance to ask questions and just enjoy the simple things in life instead of rushing past.

Yes that means slowing down and doing less.


that means quality valuable time! 

Sometimes I am good at slowing down when it counts, but more often than not my nature kicks in and I get impatient.

Like when this spring Hannah wanted to take her baby for a walk in her stroller. She did great on the way to the park, but on the way back Hannah needed to stop every 2 or 3 steps to go around to the front of the stroller, check on her baby and give her a kiss. It was adorable! For the first few times at least! It warmed my heart that she noticed that that is what I do to her and so she had to do it for her baby too! the third time and taking FOREVER to get home, I tried to rush her along! She did not like that rushing so I had to go against my desire to get going and just enjoy that my daughter is a loving, cute little girl!

So, my goal is to slow down and strive to live like that unhurried woman. Probably means doing less in a day, but that is okay! Let's think big picture, everyone involved, and man is it worth it!

Hannah loving her cousin who is getting bigger!

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  1. What a great lesson, Rach! The picture of Hannah are adorable - she loves being a big cousin!! Elise also looks like she's growing!!