Tuesday, June 26, 2012

shopping spree - shopping wise vs crazy

I have been looking forward to the chance to live in the states for a month for a long time, with a large bonus being the ability to do some good shopping. 

There are just some awesome stores in the States that we just don't have and often things can be found for just a  fraction of the price we would spend on them back home. 

A favourite store to visit in the States 

The catch is not going crazy and buying everything you see for a good deal and thus buying things we don't really need. Its tempting, but you aren't really saving that way!

To be honest our extra budget (including clothes, dates and gifts) is pretty small so I have been saving up for a few months to be able to put towards shopping in this trip. 

Also to prepare I wrote up a wishlist of things we would need in the next year that we could benefit from getting on sale. Including on the list, clothes we will need (especially for Hannah as she grows), shoes, stuff for the house (back splash at the top of the list) and birthday, wedding and Christmas presents (call me crazy but Ive already gotten a few amazing ones for insane prices!) 

Because we are here for a month, I also have the advantage of shopping around. For instance I wanted a toothbrush holder, it has been on my wishlist for a long time now, now that we have counter space for it, but in Canada the cheapest nice one I have found is $10. In Ross, I found one I really liked for $4 - what a steal! But since it was normal price I decided to keep looking. Found another good one for $5, but in Walmart I found an awesome one for $1.88! So glad I didn't jump at our first good deal and kept looking! 

The key is not to spend just as much by buying more on things we won't really need, but shopping smart, shopping for things in advance and getting the best deal possible! 


  1. totally agree!
    we tend to not live by budgets but by general rules because of this. if you say "we only spend $20 on clothing for the whole family each month" and keep that rule when you're in Orlando that would be silly (in my opinion), because you're saving so much and able to stock up... even if it means spending three times your regular budget THAT month.

    but it's so tempting to go crazy, I agree!
    I bought jeggings for $1.50 for Lily the other day in every size all the way to 5T! but then passed on shoes that were really cute for her because I don't know what size her feet will be and they were seasonal shoes.

    1. At Walmart? I did the same thing except they only had them up to 3T at our store! I am totally looking at shoes too, but you are right its a little harder because a lot are more seasonal and its so hard to guess at this age!

      We are the same way with "budgeting" the fluid more flexible budget is what works best for us so we can get the sales, its a long term, big picture approach!

  2. Wow, that is an incredible deal! Good shopping! I look forward to seeing all of the great stuff you've gotten when you get home!