Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Boycotting Driving

I'm not kidding! If at all possible today I am boycotting driving in Orlando area and not driving unless totally necessary!

I have realized once again how spoiled we are in Halifax. People stop for pedestrians at the very sight of them maybe wanting to cross the road and cars stop for each other to let them in if they need to merge.

Orlando is the exact opposite!

Some people have said that Toronto is bad to drive in, yes its busy but I've never found it that stressful. Orlando is the stressful one!


Its the fact that roads are not always obviously marked, there are often at least 6 lanes which means if at the last minute you finally see the sign or realize you need to get over to the other side, its crossing a lot of lanes to get over. It wouldn't be that horrible except that people here when they see your blinker to get over believe that's code for "speed up and run into your way so you have no chance at all of getting over".

I have successfully gotten lost 4 times so far in the last 2 days resulting in a lot of stress, almost 3 accidents, a crying over tired baby that just wants to get to bed and just not fun times!

So instead Ill let Matt take the car and Hannah and I will swim and play all day pretending we are in another world completely!

It's not worth the stress!

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