Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Too Good to be True!

In preparing to go to Orlando for the month to do some seminary courses for work I searched high and low for a good place for our family to live happily together temporarily for the month and attempt to save some money since we would have our car and did not have to stay on campus (which would cost A LOT!)

I found an awesome place. A temporary furnished apartment complex, with laundry, a kiddie pool, a regular pool and walking distance to a mall! It would mean we would save over $1000 for the month - less than half price for living on campus and a whole apartment with things for Hannah to do! Awesome!

Course I kind of had this feeling that it was too good to be true....

But I booked it already, paying the deposit and securing a place for us to stay.

We arrived to find that IT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! 

Matt coined it as a place out of the movies where the drug deals and shootings take place. Needless to say I did not feel comfortable staying there with my family so we forfitted our deposit and got out of that place!

My lesson - if you feel like it may be too good to be true, its possible it is so be careful in booking. If you are unsure of an area and can't see things fully (although we did research the area, reviews and google maps street view) than book one night at a hotel to give yourself time to get a feel for stuff before committing to something.

I dont think I could go down to a place for a month without having anywhere to stay, so I guess the $100 we lost was worth the peace of mind I had the month before knowing we had a good place to stay...but I have learnt an important lesson!

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  1. Oh no!!!!
    Seemed amazing. Hope something works out, staying on campus would not be my choice either!