Sunday, June 24, 2012

Following your dreams

First of all I want to say a HUGE congrats to my little sister Tara on graduating from OCAD this spring!

I had the amazing blessing of being in Ontario for her grad so I actually got to go to it! (living far away we miss a lot of special occasions so this one meant a lot!)

(sisters shot!: left to right - Karissa, Elise, Tara and me) 

(side note: Elise is wrapped in a blanket because just moments before we saw Tara she decided to pee her pants not only making a HUGE mess all over herself, but also covering me with pee and the floor in Roy Thompson Hall...thank goodness I love that girl so much!)

I hope Tara knows how much she inspires me and how much I respect and look up to her.

She is a true example of someone who followed her dreams (against all odds, strikes and people discouraging her from trying to make Art a career).

It is true that going for an Art degree you aren't as guaranteed a job like you would be say with engineer, but...if you have the passion, the drive and determination you can do it!

Tara lives in Toronto and has done an incredible job or networking herself in the art community, making herself known and going for her dreams. It's definitely hard and not always a sure thing of how things will work out, but that hasn't stopped her.

Tara is a great inspiration for those people that have a specific passion, talent or desire to do something different. If you want something bad enough and have the dream for it, go for it, you can do it!

I am sure someday she will be famous and I'll get to say "Tara Dorey...oh yeah that's my sister and I have all kinds of originals in my house!"

Congrats Tara on graduating and entering into the workforce! Can't wait to see what God has in store next for you as you keep following your dreams!

Here is my favourite picture that Tara has painted that hangs proudly in our home!

(awesome thing is is 3D with real newspaper coming out of it!) 

(a mural she helped create in Toronto!)

(another mural she did at a Catholic school! Tara is the second from the left in the pic!) 
(read more about this one here| She's already famous!)

If anyone wants an awesome original painting of a future famous artist let me know! Search her name online its fun! I dare you!

Here's her website she has started working on! Tara Dorey 
(cant wait to see what more she does now that she's not restricted to school assignments!) 

If only we all had the courage to go after our dreams...just think of how this world would look! 

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  1. This is great...thanks for posting and giving us an inside glimpse of Tara's gifts, beautiful and to see the Art used in such a positive light, I pray that Tara will have ears to hear how God is leading her as she shares her gifts.