Tuesday, June 5, 2012

living far from family...

We love living in Nova Scotia, there is no doubt about that, but...

we do not love being so far away from family meaning we go long extended periods without seeing family and often miss special occasions.

So what does that means?

If we could move everyone down East with us (including friends too) we would, but since we can't we simply treasure the times we have with family that much more and make it a priority to visit and do all that we can when we can!

Here are some pictures of some cousin love!

 sliding down the slide with cousin Daniel (Hannah 18 mo, Daniel 14 mo) 

 swinging together! 

(This pictures were pretty much the only special moments we had of these two together at the park. Daniel being a newer walker all he wanted to do was walk around while Hannah wanted to keep swinging and going up and down the slide all day!) 

Hannah helping carry Elise's present from church, while trying to hold onto her hand!
(Hannah 19 mo, Elise 2 mo) 

(If possible I need to catch a video of Hannah and Elise together, if only you could hear Hannah comfort Elise if she's ever upset it is truly precious!) 

These are special times indeed! Each visit means different stages and new adventures together as cousins! I can't wait for Hannah to finally get to meet her 3 oldest cousins later this summer!

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