Friday, June 22, 2012

The benefit to IBS in Orlando vs Colorado

Working with a missions organization, Power to Change, part of what we need to do every so often is expand our education by taking some seminary courses. These courses (called IBS) are offered one year in Colorado, the next in Florida. 

We first went to one in Colorado and I vowed I would never go to Orlando if I could help it. Why? Colorado is so nice and beautiful and different. Although both are hot in the summer Colorado is the dry pleasant heat vs the sticky humid heat in Florida. Furthermore, I have family in Florida so I have grown up going there all the time, so its not quite the adventure like Colorado brings. 

That said there is one huge benefit for us choosing to go to IBS in Orlando this year...

getting to see FAMILY! 

The other day my mom (who drove down with us for a chance to visit with family) brought my Nanny down for a visit. The last time Hannah got to see her great-Nanny was when she was 1 month old! She has changed a lot since then so it was great to hang out. 

Truth be told, getting to see family trumps so many other pros on the other side! I look forward to getting to see other family this weekend when we go for a visit! 

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  1. Oh yeah, that's so great!! Your mom and Hannah look exactly alike! So wonderful you get to be with family - hope you can survive the sticky heat!!!