Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pets...and Children

The list of benefits to having pets with young kids is about as long as the con list could be!

There are definite pros and cons to both.

In all honesty when our cat was missing for almost 3 weeks I started convincing myself how maybe it was for the best...

With our schedules in a ministry that takes us away from home for months at a time, figuring out a plan for an animal can get really difficult

Sometimes Pekoe would be hyper and loud right when I was trying to calm Hannah down to would be nice not to worry about that

We would never have to worry about people with allergies staying at our house


But honestly as annoying and seemingly inconvenient our cat can be for us he is a perfect addition to our family.


They have a special relationship!

(This is Hannah trying to get Pekoe to wear her headband, but he wouldn't keep it on his head, 
she is asking please and he is getting up to get out of there!) 

So the benefits for us...

Having a cat around our house has helped Hannah not be afraid of animals, but be excited to meet new ones when we are out! 

I had a theory that her learning how to be gentle with a cat would transfer into her knowing how to be gentle with a baby and aside from a strong desire to point out her cousins eyes to everyone Hannah was gentle. Yes that can be learnt other ways, but it is neat to see that transfer! 

Hannah has a friend. Its not the same, but she does try to play ball with Pekoe or read him books or share her snack with him. It's nice to see her interact even with an animal! I hope that they can be lifelong friends! 

I am glad Hannah gets to grow up with a pet.

Does that mean that I would recommend that to everyone?


It totally depends on the family, what they want (because you do really need to want to have one), their situation, etc. Like I said when I started there are pros and cons to both sides of the debate...but I must admit that I am glad Hannah has a cat or else we wouldn't get laughs like this....

I must admit we are lucky to have such a tolerant and gentle kitty!

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