Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clearance girl

I am not ashamed to say that I am one of those people that breezes right past all the normally marked merchandise in a store right on to my favourite part in the back - the sale racks!

We buy pretty much everything on sale or clearance and that means especially with a little on thinking ahead so you will have what you need when you need it and not have to heaven forbid pay full price for it!

However, this last month I got caught!

Hannah went through a foot growth spurt going straight from size 3-5 in a month! (and 3 started out big on her too!) Which left us in our spring weather without any running shoes (biggest I had was size 4 and much too small now).

Have you seen the regular price for toddler running shoes? Call me cheap, but its INSANE!

I'm not spending $25 for itty bitty running shoes she could grow out of in a month!

So I kept her in boots for a week as a searched and searched determined to find a deal and low and behold I did!

I know, I know these aren't even close to running shoes, but bonus was I got to buy these (size 61/2) for hopefully winter season next year and...

these totally gender neutral everyday shoes in the perfect size 5 

for just $16 after tax! 

Payless is having their BOGO sale on and guess what... It does not exclude clearance! So I searched and found the deals I was looking for. 

For $9 less than the average toddler running shoe I got some cute neutral shoes that are easy to put on and some adorable big girl little girl boots for church for the future! 

I love sales! 

And I'm glad that last summer I got some adorable sandals that fit her perfectly and when she was but 1 month old I did the crazy thing in buying size 5 rain boots that FINALLY she fits and has been stylin well this rainy week for just $3! 

There is no shame in going straight to clearance! 


  1. Good work, Rach! I am way too much of an impulse buyer and don't have patience to wait! You will have to teach me your clearance shopper ways :)

    1. Oh I totally will! Once you start its hard to go back!

  2. Norwegians should go to Canada to shop for shoes!! Regular prizes for shoes are INSANE in this country! The cheapest toddler shoes you can find is perhaps 35-40$...and that's cheap! I work in a shoe shop, and I see so many parents spend HUNDREDS of dollars on shoes for their kids that they probably wont be using more than one or two months... They should read your blog and be inspired... :)

    1. Oh my goodness that is INSANE! You should come visit and go on a shoe shopping spree here and then have a side business selling shoes back home to parents! You could make a good profit and help them save money in he meantime! Or the very least when you have kids Ill mail you some good shoes!

      ps how are you? Its been too long! Hope you are doing well!