Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100% there

One of the best gifts we can give our kids is our time with our love and our attention.

They just crave being around us.

I know for my little girl she a SPONGE and LOVES learning anything new she can from us and LOVES watching us act crazy (especially her dad do silly actions).

So what I've been reflecting on lately is....

 "am I 100% there with Hannah when I'm physically spending time with her?"

Truth is I know that I haven't fully be there 100% all the time lately. I had some big work stuff that I had people calling or needing info at all hours of the day making it hard to keep it to hours that I set aside for work and I have a huge to-do list that I want to get done on our house so I'm constantly doing something or thinking about something for that.

But the other day I finished my work for the day, Hannah and I closed the door to the house and spent the afternoon outside away from the to-do list and all other distractions and just spent time together from snack time to bubbles.

It was glorious! 

Now I'm not saying that to be a good parent we should always give all of our time and attention to our kids. That's just plan unreasonable! 

We all have a lot of things we do that can keep us from spending time with our kids. 

We need to work (most of us)

We need to clean the house 

We need to do groceries

But we also need to spend quality time with our kids

So what I'm committing to is work hard at being 100% there for work and chores so that for some special times each day I can be 100% there with Hannah! 

ps I love that Hannah fell in love with eating cantalope like in the pic! It made me so proud to be her mom! 

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