Sunday, April 29, 2012

My plan...God's plan - part 1

I've been reflecting a lot this week on God's perfect sovereignty. It's funny how no matter how many times it happens when we look back on life and realize how much greater God's plan was than our original and yet we still try to plan it all our way.

I'm a planner by nature through and through so my instinct is to have my life mapped out (of course leaving opportunities for spontaneous enjoyments since I love that too).

But here are some things I've been thinking of contrasting what my plan was and how it has turned out thus far....

My plan - marry another guy other than Matt (I told him during one of my many rejections in high school I was 99.999% sure that we were not meant to be together).

God's plan - Matt and I got married (after growing into more like the people we were meant to be) and He is such a blessing in my life! I am so glad he never gave up and God knew best!

My plan - since we had to have a December wedding so all family could attend I wanted snow and a carriage to have our pictures taken in a special winter setting, but of course it not being too cold so I could just wear my dress for the photo shoot.

God's plan - He gave us snow! But my plan was a little unrealistic so with that it was VERY cold so pictures had my coat, but it was still special and I'm so glad we got the snow!

My plan - I grow up in London, go to high school become a cheerleader like I was told to and live a fairly fake and unsatisfying life (for me) 

God's plan - move my family to "hick" town Belleville with only one mall not so that my life would be over, but to give me a fresh start to decide who I wanted to be and a chance to finally own my faith and live it out real. Also giving me a chance to meet some lifelong friends and of course Matt.

And this is only the start to the list...

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