Monday, April 30, 2012

Dining room art...

So I think part of my problem is over thinking, but I am totally stuck as to how to decorate our dining room. Now that we FINALLY have it painted (Ill post pictures soon we just need to finish some final touches on the top trim Matt is going to do and then it will be done!) the next step is putting things up on the wall, but I'm stuck!

Our dining room is smaller in size, so I can't pick anything too overwhelming.

It is open to our living room so it has to kind of go with what we have in there.

I could do a mirror I know people often do that, especially for smaller ones, but I have a big mirror on the same wall in the living room so I don't know how that would look.

People sit there eating, so it can't be something that takes away the appetite.

People sit there sometimes for a long time so I want it to be something moving and conversation starting even.

I could do food, but that's too basic and expected  I think...

One thing I do like is this I found online, but its not quite perfect/all Im looking for, for what I have in mind (just dont know what yet)...

Thankfully I have an INCREDIBLY TALENTED younger sister who is an artist and has kindly offered to paint a series of what I want for there. 

I am excited! 

I just have to figure out what... 

What kinds of things do you have in your dining room? Or have you seen in other's dining rooms you really loved? 

ps here is a pic of how it started to give you an idea of the space at least 

(don't worry we took down the 60s blinds and the lovely border!)

(view showing how living room and dining room open up) 

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  1. Have you looked on Pinterest for ideas? Can't wait to see the painted finished product! I will have to stop by sometime!