Monday, April 9, 2012

How to celebrate Easter

There is an ongoing debate out there of how to best celebrate Easter.

Should it only be a religious holiday with no Easter bunnies or the like? Or should you embrace the Easter bunny so much that it takes over the religious roots?

For us we choose both.

We choose going to church to remember the incredible life changing sacrifice Christ made for us and to remember how Christ conquered death and victory was made on this holiday so we can have eternal life!

We choose to have fun and dress up in special fun Easter dresses!  (Okay its more for Hannah than the whole family...)

And although this year we embraced the Easter candy and goodies today when it was all on sale, next year we will make Hannah an Easter basket and start fun traditions with that.

We choose celebrating with family, and when we don't have family close by it's celebrating in spirit with them and in person with our friends that are our family too!

We choose to create special traditions as a family to make this break of a holiday something we will always treasure and use to escape from the busyness of life!

And how do we balance it all?

For us that means going to the Good Friday service at church and then using that day for something fun with family or friends, on Saturday celebrating with a fun Easter basket and special traditions the kids love and on Sunday focusing back on the true meaning of this holiday. For us that's how it makes sense for now. For us that's how we picture making balance and enjoying this awesome holiday to the fullest.

Yet, I'm curious, how do you celebrate?


  1. We went to the Holy Thursday mass on Thursday evening, Mark was an apostle, and had his feet washed by our priest. We visited Jesus in the chapel of our church, which they consider the garden of Gethsemene for the evening. On Friday we went to the Good Friday service. We had our own Easter dinner at home on Saturday, and then went to Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday evening. On Sunday we had an egg hunt (yes even without kids) and visited my parents and brother and sister-in-law, and then went to Mark's family potluck, where 35 members of our immediate family gathered to celebrate Christ rising.
    I hope that you are your family had a good Easter Rachel, and Mark and I are keeping you and yours in our prayers.

  2. That's really neat! Especially stuff you did on Thursday, thats cool! I love different traditions! Just think of the fun you will have when you add kids into the mix! :)

    Ps Ive been watching 7th Heaven lately and thinking of you!