Friday, August 3, 2012

Will this last?

The other night after I did the out check for our apartment I had the chance to do a little shopping. This time of year often you can find some great deals with out of season (and some not so much, but last years stock I guess..). I saw some signs and since we didn't stock up as much as I thought we would in the States I was excited to go in. 

I ended up getting some great deals for all of us. Of course buying the most for Hannah. Since Hannah was asleep during the time she had to wait until she woke up to see her new "presents". 

And boy was she excited! 

I just love watching her get excited, hold up the clothes and exclaim in the best tones "wow" and "ooo!" 

She was so excited she had to bring each piece one by one into the kitchen to show them off to Matt. 

It was such a joy to watch her enjoy the clothes I had gotten amazing deals on. 

And yet, as I watched her and smiled I realized that this experience will likely not last for ever. That time will come when Hannah no longer will want me buying her clothes for her. And she may not like the clothes on sale as much...

So I'll enjoy this season while it lasts.. it should be for awhile yet! 


  1. I am especially loving her onesie! I just love a kid in a onesie!! And the hand on hip, very posh! Good job finding deals! I did not go into the Gap outlet store, but hoping to this week with my mom!

  2. I know! Onesies are so cute! She does have quite the personality - there is no denying that! Fun! Hope you have a great time shopping and doing other fun stuff with your mom this week!

  3. Even if someday she doesn't want you to pick out her clothes for her, she will be grateful for you teaching her how to get the most amazing deals ever!