Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Father, Daughter and the potty

Hannah surprised us as early on getting an interest in the potty, loving sitting on the potty and then starting to actually go on the potty way before we thought she ever would. Totally initiated by her. 

She even went 5 days of always getting her poo in the toilet (not going to lie not having any poopy diapers to change was pretty glorious!)

Then it changed. 

The night before Matt left for BC for the week Hannah pooped on the toilet, now like usual, we celebrated together, but before getting the bare bottom up the stairs to her new diaper and pjs she had an accident. 

She peed for the first time ever like that. And boy did she feel bad. (So did I because she had said she still had to pee, but then said no so I never asked again..I should have). She cried and cried. We told her over and over it was okay, showed her how easy it was to clean up and went up to bed. 

No big deal right? 

Well since then her pooping in the toilet stopped. She started pooping always while in bed. Totally unusual. I was feeling bad because I don't always go to her at every noise, but I felt like the first few times I was missing her being able to go, especially since she had that same face and cry when I would get her and she had pooped in her diaper. Was I not listening enough to give her the chance to go when she had to?

Then she got this fascination with changing her babies and bears poops. It was so cute. I should post the video of it sometime! 

Then Matt came home, she still didn't want to go on the toilet at first. 

But today she got a new love for the toilet again. Dinner ended quickly without time for clean up when she said she had to poo and wanted to go on the toilet. I rushed her up, Matt started to clean up. Once on the toilet she started to panic and call for Daddy. 

As soon as he came she was happy again. But she didn't poo and wanted off. 

Straight into the bath she went and Matt attempted to go clean again, but then she said she had to poo, I asked her if she had to on the toilet she said no, got a panicked look again and...

oops she actually pooped a little in the bath, because we didn't get her onto the toilet in time (never ever happened before). 

But she said she still had to go, and was okay...for a minute. 

Then she panicked again! And cried and cried for "Dadda!" 

Up he came running again and then she finished pooping happy as can be. 

Then she celebrated just like Daddy did with with her the first time he was there that she pooped in Orlando! 

This situation is really making me think that even at a young age Hannah cares deeply about her Father. She cares about him being proud of her and getting to celebrate with her. She wants him there. 

Yes this story may be over poop, but I am proud to say that Hannah and her Daddy have a very special relationship that is only blooming more! 

(But I do hope she goes back to pooping just with me around too because Matt is not always around, especially in the days.)

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