Saturday, August 4, 2012

The effects of the heat

We were doing really well all week, crossing stuff off our list and having fun in the process for our "working vacation". 

Today however, it kind of has stalled a little. 


I blame the heat. 

It is hard to be motivated to paint, when you feel so hot and as a result tired. So no painting today. We have made a little progress in the organizing area, but that one does not have the same more immediate effects you can see. Regardless even thought I have another hour I could be working on stuff. 

I am done. 

I am however thankful that the rest of the week was nice weather, yes some rainy days that stalled some projects, but overall great working and playing weather (for a few of the days). It is however, August in Halifax, I can't expect it always to be my ideal clear skys 21 degrees so we can get out and not be too hot to work, now can I?

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