Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It has returned

Last week we had the amazing chance to go to our friends destination wedding at Disney World. That I will have to post about later, because there is just so many good things and experiences I could write about that week.

However, our not so good part was getting off the Disney shuttle at the airport and realizing that our main suitcase (that had all of our stuff in from Hannahs bed, sleep stuff, sunscreen, make up, toiletries and all of our clothes. Our other set of luggage was Matts golf clubs!). One of the Disney workers had taken it to check it in directly, then realized we were too late and told me he would take it to the shuttle. The rest of our stuff made it, but the suitcase didn't.

10 days after our flight, last night we came home to our suitcase waiting for us on our doorstep! Disney had shipped it and it finally made it! 

What did I learn from this experience? As helpful as people are in places, I am too trusting to take them at their word. It does pay especially in these situations to watch your luggage closely and make sure it makes it. I was too busy talking to the shuttle driver and saying good-bye and Matt had had to run back to our room to get something, the second he got back we jumped on the shuttle, never to double check.

We should have double checked....

Next time we will double check! 

Life now will be a little easier with all of our stuff. That said, of course today Halifax weather turned to be cooler and we could have started wearing pants and slighter warmer, not Florida worthy clothes. Figures! 

I'm just happy it made it back! 

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  1. I was going to ask you if your suitcase showed up! Hooray! Glad it's back, all in one piece, it looks like! And yes, today it definitely feels like fall, which I am loving....timing is everything. At least it got returned!! You can wear those summer clothes next year :)