Monday, August 6, 2012

A dream realized

I personally believe that we should all/do have big dreams and small ones. Dreams that we should chase after and try to make a reality (if they are at least a little reasonable...making the NHL if you can't skate at 25 may not be the best to chase...)

One of my small ones was to have a clothesline to hang our clothes on.

I love the smell of clothes dried in the fresh air.

I love saving on electricity and not having to use the dryer all the time.

Since we moved in our house and I discovered that half of the line was up (the one post and connector) my goal for the summer was to hang that line and hang our clothes!

It took longer than expected, was more difficult than expected, mainly in cutting the line because it was too long, but man was it worth it!

One small dream realized!


  1. I LOVE CLOTHESLINES!!!! When we moved to montreal 3 yrs ago, our apartment - right downtown - had a clothesline! I know some ppl probably think city clotheslines are tacky, but I thought it was glorious! We didn't have air conditioning so I was very grateful not to have to run the dryer in the summer. Last summer we had a terrible wind storm and our clothesline fell down - never to be reinstalled :( (long story). Now we are in a different apartment with no clothesline but an air conditioner - its nice, but ill always miss my clothesline. Enjoy!!

  2. Id love one!!! Or balcony gets a lot of mysterous dust on our furniture and things out there though, so i have reason to believe if i hung my clothes out there theyd get dirty :(

  3. We had to take our line down when we took the deck down and I miss it so much this year! I'm so glad you got one!

  4. Enjoy!!! We have no dryer (most people here don't, which is strange when you consider the climate) so the clothesline is our best friend! If only it didn't rain so much here!!! When it rains we have to hang stuff in the living room on drying racks. No fun. Doesn't have that fresh air smell & takes up SO much space.